Did you know that proper sleep is fundamental to your physical and mental well-being? Functioning on less than the optimal amount of sleep causes fatigue and even a reduction in mental clarity. More importantly, the quality of the sleep you receive is instrumental for maintaining your whole-body health.

Uninterrupted sleep allows your body and mind to rest, promoting healing and encouraging the production of stress-relieving endorphins and dopamine that help you feel happier and more relaxed in your day-to-day life. When this cycle is repeatedly interrupted, you experience more anxiety, irritability, and even physical changes, such as high-blood pressure.

For patients who experience some form of sleep breathing disorder, such as sleep apnea, gaining a restful night sleep may seem like a forgotten dream. At MD DC Sleep Solutions, our primary focus is to help make that dream a reality.

Sleep apnea, more often known as obstructive sleep apnea, is caused when the tongue or soft tissues of the throat collapse as you sleep, closing your airway. The most common indicator of this is snoring. When the airway is closed, oxygen cannot travel to your lungs and, from there, your body. In an effort to jump start your breathing, your body will startle awake, which resumes normal breathing but interrupts your sleep and prevents the continuation of a proper sleep cycle.

Our practice aims to address the root of the problem through our sleep apnea treatments in Annapolis, Maryland, which help open your airway to promote proper breathing and better sleep.

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